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2019 Home Show


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HOME & Garden with Melinda Myers

Vegetable Gardening Success - Bountiful Gardens for People with Limited Time, Space & Budget

Learn some tips and strategies that will help you get the most produce out of your garden. Whether you have a dedicated garden or squeeze fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your landscape wherever space allows, Melinda will help you grow lots of produce no matter your limitations. We will explore products and plant varieties as well as planting and harvesting techniques to help increase your vegetable gardening success!

Create Curb Appeal with a Stunning Entryway and Gardens

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or beyond, everyone can benefit from some added curb appeal. Melinda will share tips on everything from quick, simple and affordable to more elaborate makeovers to create a beautiful and welcoming front yard and entrance for you, visitors and passersby. Learn ways to dress up your front door and walkway, add some creative container gardens or create a stunning garden bed, border or entryway garden.

HOME Cooking with Amanda Weber

How to Bake Beautiful Bread

If you've dreamed of making fresh-baked bread but don't know where to begin, join us for this demonstration. Learn the basics of working with yeast doughs and the art of properly shaping and baking them to perfection. Walk through the process–from making a starter and mixing dough to proper kneading techniques. After this demo you'll look forward to treating family and friends to loaves of beautiful home-baked bread!

Know your Gnocchi

Gnocchi may pre-date pasta, but these little knuckle-shaped dumplings still receive pride of place in Italian cuisine, from Nona's table to the finest ristorante. Learn a variety of gnocchi, including alternatives to the classic potato gnocchi. All the delightful dumplings are paired with seasonal sauces for a perfect match of flavors. Mangiamo!

Brewing and Baking


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